Ford River Township seeks to fill the Clerk Postion on the Township Board.

Ford River Township is seeking someone to fill the Clerk Position immediately.  Main responsibilities but not limited to:

Maintain custody of all Township records
Maintain general ledger
Prepares warrants for Township checks
Keeps the Township book of oaths
Responsible for regular and special meeting notices
Publishes Board Meeting minutes
Keeps voter registration file and conducts elections
Chair of Township Elections Commission
Keep Township Ordinance book
Prepares financial statements
Delivers tax certificates to Supervisor and County Clerk by Sept. 30
Must have the ability to be bonded

Any resident of Ford River Township who is interested must complete an application (see the employment tab of the website to print the application).  Submitting a resume with the application is preferred.  For more information call the Supervisor at 906-399-6411.  The deadline for the application to be received is Wednesday November 15th 2017.  If selected for an interview they will be held Thursday November 16th 2017.  Applications can be mailed to:

Ford River Township Hall
Attn: Supervisor
3845 K. Road
Bark River, MI 49807