ATC public forum 8/12/13 at the Township Hall 7pm.

ATC (American Transmission Company) is holding a public forum at the Township Hall during the next Township Board Meeting (Monday August 12th, 7pm).

Brett French will give a presentation and answer public questions.  The topic is the Bay Lake/Holmes to Old Mead Road 138 kV Transmission Line Project.  ATC has designed a proposed and alternate route to be considered by the public and to be included in an application to the Michigan Public Service Commission later this year.   

ATC has prepared and filed with the MPSC a Construction Plan that discussed the proposed and alternate routes for the transmission line.  Anyone wishing to see this plan, contact the Supervisor.  This plan was mailed on 6/27/13 to the hall and the Township has one color copy.  This plan was made available to the public at the July 8th Township meeting.  This plan will be present at the August 12th meeting as well.

It is the responsibility of ATC to contact the public on this plan, not the Township.  If the planned route is going through your property and you did not receive notification you can contact ATC at 1-262-832-8629.