Public Forum

Notice to the residents and property owners of Ford River Township,
Delta County, Michigan.

Please be advised that there will be public hearings of the Ford River Township Planning Commission on Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Ford River Township Hall, 3845 K. Road, Bark River, Michigan 49807 to review changes to the Township Zoning Ordinance as it pertains to private roads. 

Below is a list of the proposed changes.  These changes may be altered or added to at the hearing.

1.  Delete Section 607-Private Roads Serving More Than One Lot

2.  Amend Section 412 Access to a Street (Lot of Record)
    a.  This section to be amended to read as follows:  Any one lot of record created without any frontage on a street shall not be occupied without access to a street provided by an easement or other right-of-way with a road bed of no less than 24' wide.

3.   Add to Article II-Definitions
      a. Road Bed-The foundation and surface of a road suitable for use by an emergency vehicle.

4.   Add Section 413 Existing Nonconforming Private Roads

      The Township recognizes that there exist private roads, which were lawful prior to the adoption of this Section, which are inconsistent with the standards herein.  Such roads are declared by the Section to be legal nonconforming roads.  The intent of this Section is to permit legal nonconforming roads to continue and undergo routine maintenance for safety purposes, as determined by the Zoning Administrator.  This Section is also intended to allow new construction to occur on existing lots which front  along such a road on the adoption date of this Section, if the      roads are founded by the Township to be reasonably capable of providing sufficient access for the uses permitted in the zoning district and for provisions of emergency vehicles. However, this Section is also intended to discourage the extension of nonconforming roads or increase the number of lots or building sites served by such a road, except in platted subdivisions or divisions of land or site condominium projects existing on the adoption date of this Section.  If provisions are not made to upgrade such road or maintenance provisions to provide, at a minimum, adequate access for emergency vehicles, the Township may require improvements in proportion to the extent of the new uses.

Anyone wishing to give testimony will be given an opportunity to be heard.  Written testimony will be accepted by the Ford River Twp. Supervisor/Zoning Administrator, 3845 K Road, Bark River, Michigan,  49807.