March Board of Review

All Board of Review is held at the Ford Township Hall located at 3845 K. Road, Bark River, MI 49807

3/5/19: Organizational Meeting 6pm

3/11/19: BOR Day 1, 9am-1pm & 1:30pm-3:30pm

3/12/19: BOR Day 2, 6pm-9pm

3/13/19: BOR Wrap up day 6pm until finished. The BOR will meet only if needed to close the March BOR. If a meeting isn’t needed, it won’t be held.

The Twp. Assessor is Tammy Weissert. She can be reached at 280-1820.

The Twp. Supervisor is Rachael Fountaine. She can be reached at 399-6411.

Complete Metals Test-Ford River Twp. Water

Ford River Twp. received notice that we did not meet the monitoring requirements for the water system.

The MDEQ lab in Lansing failed to runt he complete metals test on the sample which was submitted by Ford River Water within the specified time period.  Ford River submitted the appropriate complete metals sample on 9/24/18 and a resample on 12/7/18.  The resample complete metals test results were all within normal range.  All tests on Ford River water in 2018 showed the water source to be completely safe.

The letter from MDEQ is on water page under Complete Metals Test.  Any questions, contact Mark Rose the water operator in charge at 906-630-1864